Unboxing post: Ariel 140 from Doll-Forever.

Today is a special day!


Ariel came to my home from yesterday, she is a part of the fantasy series from Doll Forever.

I was yearning for the mixed feelings every doll owner have in the waiting period: Getting excited, the hard time waiting for her, tracking her every 5 minutes, daydreaming about the day i open the box and see her for the first time… and this post is all about that: UNBOXING!review_a

There was 5 days between the begining of the doll creation to the departure from Doll4ever headquarters and 5 days more in transit to my country. (FedEX)
compared to my past purchases this is fast!

My Ariel came with this configuration:

Doll Ariel 140cm (Doll Forever / Piper Doll)

Skin Pink white
Skeletons E.V.O.
Lip Option Coating
Breast-option Hollow
Areola Sizes Areola 4cm
Areola Colors Light Brown
Eyes Colors Brown
Wig Wig-2
Fingernails French Manucure Natural
Vagina Built-In

Pubic Hair, no
Feet Option Feet Standing
Toenails Colors Natural


She is 140cm, the box is quite heavy compared to my oldr purchases, the FeDex guy said … “..man! are there rocks inside?” I am aware of the classic pick up line of the parcel guys looking for an answer… noisy fellas lol.

Inside the box there are a lot of packing material well distributed, this doll have no seams and the neck is attached to the head so this doll is fully secured with packing material on this area. there is also a block of expensive memory foam especialy to the buttocks, it is a nice feature.


I found traces of local custom work (they move the eyes looking for something and move the doll a little, no big deal.

The weight of the doll is new for me, 29 kg is 10 kg more than my heaviest doll so from this point I am getting use to it.

The doll is super soft! I have other TPE but now i can compare, this TPE is the softest! the fair white skin have a pinkish hue, a rosy glow.

I become adicted to touching this doll. the standing opton is also new to me, it is handy for this heavy doll,

I will post A full review of the doll in a couple of days, it is a whole new game with this doll. My first impression are of a great doll to touch, to hug and surely to get laid. the rear end is a dream for the fanny fanatics like me, the generous body proportions of Ariel invites to get intimate with her.

There is no special mechanish for the eyes to align it, but once you get to now it works.

A true pleassure to see and feel.

This doll is a nice suprise, she is a nice package of cute and sexyness. It is a great doll for someone looking for a quality TPE doll with a curvy figure. although this doll is a fantasy character she is a well made sculpt of a healthy woman body, she was born in the hands of @Mizuwali , a true artist , so you will see in this doll a lot of details, gravity effect on the breast and a Majestic round Buttocks.


This doll reminds me a little about my first doll, the luscious lips, the big eyes and the sexy curves. Santa came a little bit early!

Best regards.